Valmont Stainton - UK lighting columns manufacturer

UK Lighting Column, Pole and Structure Manufacturing

The leading UK lighting column manufacturer, Valmont Stainton also designs and crafts poles and structures for traffic, mass transit, telecom and utility transmission and distribution applications.

The Valmont Stainton plant covers an area of 14 acres [7ha] with over 100,000 sq feet [9300m2] dedicated to manufacturing and painting. We have manufacturing capacity well in excess of 250,000 poles per annum and an untapped and excess capacity available. Continuous investment and improvements in plant and equipment, along with doubling the capacity of our painting facility, ensures we are in the best possible position to continue to offer high levels of service in addition to our PFI commitments.

Valmont Stainton is a leader in the UK for outdoor column, pole and structure design engineering

At Valmont Stainton we take pride in the products we design and believe we offer a design and technical backup service which is second to none. We actively encourage our customers to involve us in all aspects of the design process from concept, through close liaison right through manufacture to final installation and commissioning. We employ the very latest design techniques from AutoCAD to 3D Solidworks and Modelling to our custom designed computer programmes.

Valmont Stainton provides our UK and export customers with a range of coating options for an attractive finish or to extend service life

Being the 1st company in UK to offer hot dip galvanised columns as standard, the clear evidence from the marketplace is that our policy was correct. However, we acknowledged some time ago that painting was going to be an increasing market demand either for aesthetics or to prolong corrosion protection and as such have invested heavily in our painting facility and we expect to paint more than 40,000 poles this year.