UK lighting columns, traffic posts, telecom monopoles and more

About Valmont Stainton

The leading UK lighting column manufacturer, Valmont Stainton also designs and crafts poles and structures for traffic, mass transit, telecom and utility transmission and distribution applications.

In 1978, Valmont Stainton, commenced the manufacture of octagonal lighting columns and many of these columns are still gracing the motorways of the UK. From our humble origins as the UK subsidiary of Petitjean S.A.S (a French pole manufacturer), a successful MBO and subsequent acquisition by Valmont Industries, Valmont Stainton is the largest manufacturer of UK lighting columns. We are pleased to be part of the largest pole manufacturing company in the world with 94 facilities worldwide, Valmont are truly a global leader with activities as diverse as irrigation equipment, coatings, tubing and engineering structures.

Over the last 30 years we have continued to grow and diversify our product range. To serve the outdoor lighting industry, we offer our UK and export customers a broad selection of functional lighting columns, decorative light poles and lamp posts, high masts, and bespoke lighting structures.

As we have grown, our product selection has expanded to include traffic posts and signal structures for streets and motorways, tramway structures and traction poles for mass transit, telecom monopole structures and electric utility transmission and distribution poles.

Our UK manufacturing capabilities allow us the flexibility to produce poles in tubular, conical, octagonal, polygonal, square and even triangular shapes, utilising mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

From the Valmont Group’s portfolio of products we are pleased to be able to offer very specialist decorative products as well as wooden poles from a Valmont sister company.

Our company has always been at the forefront of new product design in the UK, whether it be raising and lowering poles, stainless steel poles, or utility poles. As a result of this drive and initiative we are pleased to be the first UK lighting pole manufacturer to design, manufacture and test a Passively Safe lighting column specifically for the UK Lighting column market. This latest product innovation features a range of 100HE:2 10m and 12m columns, these are manufactured from galvanised steel and can be painted to fit seamlessly in with existing installations.

Our goal is to respond to the needs of our customers with service and products that set new standards of performance and at the same time to continually strive to improve them to meet the needs of tomorrow.

As we approach our 40th year of manufacturing in the UK, we continue to concentrate on what we know best: simply to design and manufacture high quality poles and columns.