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Aluminium Light Poles


Overview - conical aluminium lighting columns

Conical Aluminium Tapering Lighting Columns are one of the most aesthetically pleasing products Valmont Stainton manufactures.

Aluminium lighting columns are manufactured using an extruding process then spun to form cylindrical sections into which door openings and cable entry slots are cut. The columns are heat-treated by annealing in an oven and an anti-corrosion root treatment is applied resulting in a true seamless lightweight lighting structure. Columns are manufactured from AL6060-T5 with a naturally decorative brushed surface finishing to 120GR.


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Conical aluminium lighting columns are available in mounting heights from 4-12 metres. These columns can be used for post top applications or supplied with demountable or integral bracket arm arrangements. For details of suitable brackets and headload capacities please enquire. Our range of aluminium conical columns are available in planted-root and flange-plated configurations. For details of flange-plated arrangements please enquire.

Quality Assurance

Valmont Stainton operates a Quality Assurance system which complies with requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Our welders and welding procedures are independently certified in accordance with BS EN 287 and 288.

Load and Dimensional Data

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Headload Capacity

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