Valmont Stainton products available for export

Export Products

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With an uncommon combination of global resources and local expertise, Valmont is a recognised leader in designing and producing engineered infrastructure for the lighting, transportation, wireless communications, and energy transmission & distribution industries worldwide.

The Valmont Stainton team designs and produces these high-quality structural elements ​that our customers use in applications which enhance human safety, security, connectivity and well-being. As such, our products are not only in demand across the UK, but are increasingly ordered and installed internationally.

In fact, many of the products built by Valmont Stainton are available for export. As the adjacent photos illustrate, Valmont Stainton lighting columns, as well as power transmission and distribution poles, are installed on the African continent.

Contact Valmont Stainton to learn more about columns and structures available for export, or send an enquiry electronically to request information or a quote.

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