Rota model | Base-hinged tubular steel lighting column

Base-hinged Tubular Pole


Rota base-hinged tubular steel column with spring-loaded dampening device

Overview - ​base-hinged ​tubular steel columns

The newest addition to our comprehensive range of hinged-pole lighting products, the Rota, our base-hinged stepped tubular column (4m to 6m) brings together our tried and tested experience, with state-of-the-art design and development.


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The Rota is designed to be a multi-use, base-hinged column. Common applications include lighting, CCTV and weather analysis equipment.

The Rota raising and lowering system comprises a spring-load dampening device, which enables the raising and lowering of the column in a controlled manner, resulting in access to the light at ground level, within seconds. The device also houses the key to access the door and to remove the Rei-lux anti-vandal screw which allows the lowering of the pole.

The Rota has been designed with ease of shipment and installation in mind. The base can be detached from the shaft section (enabling manual handling of the separate sections).

The Rota design continues with the use of our very successful Rei-Lux anti-vandal arrangement with over 8 years of use without a single report of unauthorised entry!


Corrosion Protection

Base hinged columns are more prone to corrosion issues at the hinge than mid-hinged counterparts, however the Rota hinged assembly is protected ensuring a weather-resistant long life.

Load and Dimensional Data

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Headload Capacity

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Rota Spring Selection Table

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The Rota raise and lower hinge trolley allows for easy 1-man raise and lower operation.

The dampening spring integrated into the trolley design allows the Rota column to be lowered in a controlled manner allowing access to the light fitting at ground level in a matter of seconds.

The springs are colour coded to cover a variety of headweights and different column heights to ensure controlled lowering for every design.

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