Stainless steel lighting columns from Valmont Stainton

Stainless Steel Light Poles


Valmont Stainton offers stainless steel lighting columns in octagonal and 12-sided multifold pole designs (shown above), and conical pole designs (shown below).

Specifically, 3 stainless steel light pole models are available from which Valmont Stainton customers may choose:
» Severn lighting column (8 sided, Octagonal)
» Mersey lighting column (12-sided, Multifold)
» Conway lighting column (Round Tapered, Conical)

Stainless steel light poles deliver excellent value by providing a superb aesthetic appeal, low maintenance, and long life.


  • 70 year material guarantee
  • Low maintenance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Excellent passive safety qualities
  • Good aesthetic appeal
  • Vandal resistant
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Lower handling costs

The inherent high strength and ductile properties of stainless steel results in a design which is lightweight yet robust, resulting in ease of handling during installation.

To learn more about the many advantages of stainless steel lighting columns, request information electronically, or call the Valmont Stainton sales team.