Valmont Minimum Visual Impact (MVI) Columns

Camouflaged Towers

As an originator in disguised telecom towers and camouflaged wireless towers, Valmont offers creative solutions designed to blend in with the landscape and surrounding environment.

Our popular Minimum Visual Impact (MVI) designs include Flag pole, Pine Tree, Palm Tree and Slimline towers, each of which combines an aesthetically pleasing design with the latest technological advancements.

Growing in popularity, tree poles may be a great option for your application. Monopines, which are designed resemble pine trees, can be effective solutions in areas where aesthetics are of high importance.

With global resources and local expertise, Valmont has experience in providing custom telecom structural solutions in structures such as clock towers, church steeples and other religious structures.

Valmont also offers poles with shrouds, covering unsightly antennas, for customers looking to install a slim line pole or a flag pole with wireless capabilities. The concealment structures feature an internal antenna mast pipe, surrounded by a shroud cover.